Yoga & Relaxation

with Laura Imbornoni, RYT-500

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Replenish and Rejuvenate Body, Mind, and Spirit

Shadybrook yoga classes support strength, flexibility, vitality, and balance. 


  • healthy warm-ups
  • classic yoga postures,
  • pranayama
  • yogic play between stretching and releasing

The sequencing in this whole-body approach creates a safe space to release and rejuvinate. 

A key feature is Pranyama, a practice that focuses on and controls life-giving breath.  Yogic breathing cleanses the body and supports prana, life energy.

The inner body receives as well -  stretching, releasing, receiving nutrients, and releasing toxins on a cellular level.

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Gentle Yoga 

Weekly on Tuesdays

10:00- 11:00 a.m. (ET)


Teacher: Laura Imbornoni

A compassionate approach with time to relish sensations and choose appropriate variations. Includes standing, seated, and floor postures with a deep relaxation. Great for beginners.

“Laura recognized each of us and our own individual capabilities.”

     – Wende Miller

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Yoga with Chairs 

Weekly on Thursdays

10:30- 11:30 am (ET)


Teacher: Laura Imbornoni

Yoga postures, with the many benefits throughout the body, using chairs as a tool of support. Helpful for those experiencing injuries or physical challenges.  A good choice if it’s difficult to do standing postures without support or get up and down from the floor.  A deep relaxation at the end.

“I feel stretched, relaxed, and focused after Chair Yoga with Laura. It’s great:”

     – Carla Durnbaugh 

Your donation allows us to offer this program and others like it

- free to all!


Moderate Yoga

Weekly on Thursdays | 6:00- 7:00 pm (ET)
Weekly on Saturdays |10:30-11:30 am (ET)


Teacher: Laura Imbornoni

Abundant warm-ups and counter poses with a variety of standing, seated, and floor postures. A whole body approach appropriate for those who have done yoga previously or have a regular exercise routine. Enjoy deep relaxation at the end.

“Laura’s Moderate Yoga class helps relieve the back pain I often experience due to scoliosis. In fact, I’ve been almost pain free since starting her class.”

     – Barb Mallin

Your donation allows us to offer this program and others like it

- free to all!

About the Instructor

Laura Imbornoni, RYT-500

Laura Christian Imbornoni, M.Ed., leads yoga classes and expressive movement workshops. An RYT-500  Yoga Alliance registered instructor. She has a special interest in healthy lifestyle, and balancing personal life with work and other responsibilities.  

Laura is a Movement Therapy graduate, Holistic Health Educator, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Transpersonal Life Coach, and is certified in Integral Breath Therapy. 

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