CENTER FOR:       -Personal Growth      -Inner Peace     -Community Connections

For more than 60 years, Shadybrook has been opening minds and inspiring hearts.

We serve the people of Northeastern Ohio by offering a safe forum for diverse ideas and dialogue.
Through thought-provoking programs, we create opportunities for spiritual exploration and lifelong learning.
Our inclusive, caring community fosters appreciation for the richness found in diversity.

Our work isn’t based upon an ideology or religious affiliation, but we do have guiding principles.

A not-for-profit organization, Shadybrook's commitment is to create dynamic growth experiences for people,  specifically, assisting people in creating more vital, loving and joyous relationships with self, others, (depending on your journey, with) God/Spirit/Source and the Universe.

Once located on a gracious estate, Shadybrook House on the Holden Arboretum grounds, Shadybrook is now located in Mayfield Village within the Jefferson Park Complex continuing to serve the people of Northeastern Ohio (and beyond).

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