Food for Thought

Wine & Cheese Socrates Café Thought Exchange

with Laura Imbornoni and Ramona Charles


2nd Friday of each month

6:30-8:30 pm
Hosted in Member homes in Lyndhurst, OH


Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, May 10
  • Friday, June 14
  • Friday, July 12

This monthly gathering is meant to be both intellectually stimulating as well as social leading us out of a year of forced isolation into a promising future, hopefully with a fresh perspective.

Participants will be encouraged to submit non personal topics, at the opening of each gathering, that welcome various viewpoints open for discussion within a structured format, which honors each individual.

Refreshments are meant to add to the relaxed, casual atmosphere of exploration and shared engagement. We will enjoy 'decent' (mostly mid pallet) wine offerings that differ month to month, along with sparkling natural beverages for those who do not partake. A modest offering of nibbles (regular/GF/VG) will keep us thinking clearly. This is a snack and not a dinner substitute so please eat dinner before you arrive.

It is our hope to create a safe space in which to open our minds and share diverse ideas so we can better appreciate the thoughts and opinions of others and experiences that helped form them.

Bring a Friend - it's fun to continue discussions on the ride home.

Fee: $25 (Non-Members)

           $20 (Members)

Includes wine and snacks!


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