Virtual Pranayama Workshop

Yogic Breathing and Life Force

"Shelter Yoga with Laura is great. I hardly realized we were on Zoom. Laura recognized each of us and our own individuals capabilities. I can't wait for the next series of classes to begin!"

-Wende Miller

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Laura's yoga classes with an emphasis on breath

Instructor: Laura Imbornoni

October 2021 (dates TBD) | 6 – 7 pm | Online Event | Donations appreciated

Breath is vital to our very life, a birthright that allows us to function in the world as humans. As such, it is natural and uniquely experienced by each of us. We can learn strategies from yogic breath practices to enhance our breathing and our quality of life. Here are some benefits of yogic breathing:

  • Supports opportunities to calm the mind.
  • Increases the ability to release toxins from the body.
  • Carries forward into life experience a sense of mindfulness.
  • Increases the level of energy.
  • Enhances relaxation, and creates an atmosphere for nourishing sleep.

Ancient yogis explored the energizing and healing aspects of certain breathing practices. Pranayama translates from Sanskrit as ‘prana’ or life force, and ‘ayama’, to regulate or lengthen. In modern times, we can benefit from these ancient practices. This workshop can be used in combination with the practice of yoga, or separately from that.  Although all sessions are recommended, participants can benefit by attending one or two. New and returning participants welcome – the breath always offers new experience. Several yogic breathing practices will be explored.

Dirga Breath. We’ll explore breath in several areas of the torso, and put it together as a three part breath to support deeper inhalation and exhalation. We’ll look briefly at the anatomy of breath.

Ujjayi Breath. Translating as ‘victory’ from Sanskrit, ujjayi is called the ocean sounding breath. A tool for lengthening and energizing breath, Ujjayi is used in a number of popular yoga traditions. It complements the slow movement and holding of postures found in some yoga practices. Once learned, its essence can be carried into daily activity to enhance quality of life.

Nadi Sodahna: Alternate Nostril Breathing.  Breath is intrinsically linked to the energetic realms. Nadis are energy channels throughout the body. This practice helps to purify and balance two main channels, ida and pingala. Alternate nostril breathing brings balance to the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and can be used to center the mind.

About the Instructor:  Laura Imbornoni

Shadybrook Board Vice-Chair {2020-2022} 

Laura Christian Imbornoni, M.Ed., leads yoga classes, expressive movement workshops in the community.  She has a special interest in healthy lifestyle, and balancing personal life with work and other responsibilities.  Laura is a certified Yoga Instructor, Movement Therapy graduate, Yoga Therapy graduate, Holistic Health Educator, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Transpersonal Life Coach, and is certified in Integral Breath Therapy.

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