Self-Counseling with the Tarot

Self-Counseling with the Tarot (3-week series)

Instructor: Elzi Fincun

Thursdays, October 28- November 11 |  7- 8:30 pm

Online | $50 Members/ $60 Non-members

Gain confidence and empowerment by taking the reins of your own mental and emotional healing process or simply to deepen your understanding and clarity of life events. The Tarot is an amazing and fun tool for self counseling, especially when used in tandem with conscious thought, reflection, journaling, and establishing a regular practice.

In this three-week program, participants will be introduced to the Tarot (that’s right - NO prior knowledge needed!) and techniques they may choose to use in their self-practice. Time will be allocated each class for participants to do short exercises as well as for Q&A.

A Tarot Interpretation Workbook will be provided to each participant. Participants are required to bring their own Tarot deck, dedicated journal, and an open heart and mind. Private Self Counsel with the Tarot is also available upon request.

A proper Tarot Deck has 78 cards that cover 4 suites (like a playing deck) and a Major Arcana.  Recommended decks for beginners, all available on amazon:  (click each link below to view)

The Rider Tarot Deck / Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Tarot Mucha
Connolly Tarot
MagicSeer Classic Design Tarot

About the Presenter:   Elzi Fincun

Elzi has been consulting the Tarot since 2003, has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Miami University (2012), certified as a ThetaHealing practitioner (2017) , and is an Ordained Minister certified by the Secretary of State of Ohio (2019). Elzi is currently working toward the Emotion Code Practitioner Certification.

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