Outdoor Labyrinth/Indoor Medicine Wheel:

The Way Out Is the Way In

Outdoor Labyrinth/Indoor Medicine Wheel: The Way Out is the Way In

Instructor: Chris Reynolds

Saturday, November 5 | 9:45– 1:30 pm | Sunnybrook Preserve in Chesterland

$30 members/$35 non-members

The appearance of outdoor labyrinths around the world in Western nations from the 1990s onward was a foreshadowing of the present moment in history. The great need of our time is for us to be connected to a core feeling within ourselves. Labyrinths and Circles invite us all to journey inward and forward.

The journey of the labyrinth leads us toward its center. This physical movement is echoed by an inward movement to the deep center inside each of us where we are whole and intact.

The labyrinth and circles guide us to realize that the profound peace that surpasses understanding is the natural state of our planet, with its moon, in our solar system orbiting the galactic center.

They call us all to walk within this natural state for a more balanced, peaceful life.  Here we help each other return to the remembrance of who we are, of the value of life, and of our hope for the future.

Location and directions will be provided upon registration.

Bring a bagged lunch to enjoy during social time!

About the Presenter:   F. Christopher Reynolds, M.Ed

Chris Reynolds is a singer, teacher and community shaman. His mission is to sing the dream of Peace on earth onward through songs, writings, ritual, healing concerts and workshops. He is a singer-songwriter with 20 releases. He is the lead author on the only publications on depth psychology, soul, creativity, and giftedness. He is also published in organic creativity in the language classroom.

Chris is the founder of No Man’s Folk. He is a co-founder of archetypal ecology. He is a ritual consultant for Warriors Journey Home, an organization that helps veterans come all the way home from service. Learn more at his website: urrealist.com.

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