Integral Christianity- A Book Conversation

Integral Christianity - A Book Conversation

Instructor: Mike Reiling

Sundays, February 21- March 28 | 7- 8:30 pm

Online Program | $8 per session

Presented in partnership with River's Edge.

Grounded in the contemporary and influential Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber, Paul R. Smith in his book Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s Call to Evolve lays out a provocative understanding of the present and future of Church and Christian Spirituality. For a guide to understanding the now and future church, as well as seeking expansive insights into God, the Trinity, and prayer, reading and discussing this book promises to be enlightening and transforming.

The writings of Paul R. Smith have been enthusiastically endorsed by, among others, Richard Rohr and Ilia Delio.

Having a copy of the book and reading selected chapters will be necessary for Sessions 2-5.

February 21

Session 1: Introduction to Integral Thought and Spiral Dynamics (Stages of Human Development)

No Reading

February 28

Session 2: Evolving Stages in Individuals and Churches 1: Tribal, Warrior, Traditional

Chapters 2-4

March 7

Session 3: Evolving Stages in Individuals and Churches 2: Modern, Post-Modern, Integral

Chapters 5, 6, 15

March 14

Session 4: The Spirit Zone 1: States of Consciousness in Individuals and Churches

Chapters 8-9

March 21

Session 5: The Spirit Zone 2: States of Consciousness in Individuals and Churches

Chapters 10-11

March 28

Session 6: Prayer and Worship Today: An Integral View Chapters 12, 18

$8/ session

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About the Instructor:

Mike Reiling

Tai Chi Instructor

Expanding Consciousness Facilitator

Michael Reiling M.Ed. a retired theology teacher, teaches adult programs on meditation, journaling, and evolutionary Christian spirituality. At River's Edge, he also leads Tai Chi Easy classes, and coordinates the Taize Prayer evenings.

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