ColorWheels: An Introduction to the Chakra System

Shadybrook is proud to partner with River's Edge for this online event

ColorWheels: An Introduction to the Chakra System

Presenter: Terry Lilian Segal

Saturday, February 27 | 11am – 1 pm | Online Event | $25 fee

This 2-hour intensive will share an in-depth intro to the Chakras - the 7 spiraling centers of our body's energy system. Tune into your energy body to find more balance, harmony and vitality!

You will learn:

  • The "Anatomy" of the Energy Body
  • The Basics of the 7 Chakras - Where are they? What is their function?
  • Chakras and Physical Functions
  • Chakras and Emotional Balance
  • Chakras and Spiritual Vitality
  • The Relationships between Chakras
  • The Basics of Finding Chakra Balance

Harness the power of your Chakra System to find healing strength and energy to live out your

purpose in the world!

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Registration Deadline: February 26

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