Astrology Course Offerings 

The Basics of Astrology (4-week series)
Presenter: Sharon Vrettas
Tuesdays, June 7- 28 | 2 – 3:30 pm | Online event | $80 members/ $100 non-members

Registration deadline:  June 4

Can't attend live?  Sessions will be recorded and emailed to participants each week.

This course is basic astrology literacy for someone who is interested in astrology but doesn’t know how to read a chart. In this course you will learn the fundamentals. The four classes will cover the following topics:

First Class: Glyphs (symbols) for the Planets and Signs and key words

Second Class: Deeper dive into the meanings of the Planets and Signs

Third Class: The Houses and the Angles

Fourth Class: Aspects, chart patterns and some of the fine points of astrology

After the instruction in each class, we will look at the charts of each participant and practice chart interpretation using the information covered in that day’s lesson.

If you want to polish your skills after completing the course, you can join in the monthly online Astrology Chat.

After registering, the instructor will contact you via email to get your birth data (date, time, location) so that she can run your chart and provide class handouts.

Monthly Astrology Chart Chat

Facilitator: Sharon Vrettas

2nd Tuesday each month | 7:30 – 9 pm | Online event | $8 members/ $10 non-members

Starts May 10

Bring a chart and gather online with a group of wise and aspiring astrologers to look at and discuss charts. We will take turns screen sharing a chart we choose to bring, our own or someone else’s, and do a group chat interpretation. This chat is open to the experienced astrologer and the novice alike. You should have at least basic literacy in reading a chart.

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