Valerie Behrens

Facilitator | Board Member

Valerie is an avid reader, driven by curiosity and has delved deeply into many topics including minimalism, self-help, neurodivergence and all things metaphysical. She has an undergraduate degree in economics and business, a master’s degree in Information Science, has done graduate work in Speech Language Pathology and trained as an ADHD coach. She has worked as a programmer analyst and taught preschool and community adult education. But her longest tenure was as a full-time parent to two sons. She’s been involved with Shadybrook since joining the Power of Eight Intention Group 2 years ago.


Valerie shares workshops on the power of decluttering.  After a life-long battle with clutter, Valerie found herself overwhelmed with two young children and a newly minted ADHD diagnosis. Through the decades of trial and error since then, she's learned that the only way to make peace with clutter is to remove it from our homes and our lives. 



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