Virtual Yoga With Laura Imbornoni

"Shelter Yoga with Laura is great. I hardly realized we were on Zoom.
Laura recognized each of us and our own individuals capabilities.
I can't wait for the next series of classes to begin!"

-Wende Miller

Save the Date:  Virtual Pranayama Workshop- September 2021

Yogic Breathing and Life Force

Breath is intrinsic to our very life. Breath is a birthright that allows us to function in the world as humans. As such, it is natural and uniquely experienced by each of us. We can learn strategies from yogic breathing practices to enhance our breathing and our quality of life. Click the link to find out more on our workshop on yogic breath.

Virtual Yoga and Relaxation: Replenish and Rejuvenate Body, Mind, and Spirit

Instructor: Laura Imbornoni

Spring/Summer 2021| Donations appreciated

The whole world is in various stages of transition mode. How do we support ourselves as we move back out into the world? 

Yoga can help us embrace new opportunities. Our bodies deserve some love. In all yoga options, there is coordination of breath and movement in healthy warm-ups and classic yoga postures, with a yogic play between stretching and releasing. The sequencing in this whole body approach creates safety.

All three options support strength, flexibility, vitality, and balance.  A key feature is Pranyama, with focus on and control of life-giving breath.  Yogic breathing cleanses the body and supports prana, life energy. The inner body receives as well, as stretching, releasing, receiving nutrients and releasing toxins happens on a cellular level.

  • replenish the body 
  • rejuvenate the spirit
  • relax deeply in an atmosphere of healing and deep rest 

Choose from these options:  (Scroll down to register)

Gentle Yoga-  Tuesdays, July 6- August 24 |  10- 11 am 

A compassionate approach, especially kind to the body, with time to relish sensations and choose appropriate variations. Includes standing, seated, and floor postures with a deep relaxation. Great for beginners.

Yoga with Chairs-  Thursdays, July 1- August 26 | 10:30- 11:30 am 

Yoga postures, with the many benefits throughout the body, using chairs as a tool of support. Especially helpful for those experiencing injuries or physical challenges.  A good choice if it’s difficult to do standing postures without support or get up and down from the floor. A deep relaxation at the end.

Moderate Yoga- Thursdays, July 1- August 26 |  6- 7 pm 

Saturdays, July 3- August 28 |  10:30- 11:30 am

Abundant warm-ups and counter poses with a variety of standing, seated, and floor postures. A whole body approach appropriate for those who have done yoga previously or have a regular exercise routine.  A deep relaxation at the end.  

About the Instructor:  Laura Imbornoni

Shadybrook Board Vice-Chair {2020-2022} 

Laura Christian Imbornoni, M.Ed., leads yoga classes, expressive movement workshops in the community.  She has a special interest in healthy lifestyle, and balancing personal life with work and other responsibilities.  Laura is a Movement Therapy graduate, Yoga Therapy graduate, Holistic Health Educator, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Transpersonal Life Coach, and is certified in Integral Breath Therapy.

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