Introduction to Emotion Code® and Body Code™

Introduction to Emotion Code® and Body Code™

Instructor: Ruth Kent

Tuesday, October 13 | 6:30 – 8 pm ET | Online Event | Donations appreciated

When the negative energy of troubling emotions becomes trapped in the energy field of the body, it can cause many chronic physical and emotional health problems.

Ruth will introduce us to the Emotion Code® and Body Code™ techniques as holistic solution to healing and balance. The Emotion Code® is used to discover and release possible underlying energetic causes. Using it could help ease physical discomforts, overcome emotional distress and negative thinking, conquer self-doubt, and more.

The Body Code™ is designed to get answers about your health directly from your subconscious. Learn how these amazing techniques can be used for healing in your own life!

Registration deadline: October 12

About the Presenter: 

Twenty three years ago Ruth Kent was faced with several health challenges. Having been a nurse since 1971 and having seen the suffering of my acute care patients first hand, she knew that adding another pill or trying a new treatment would not provide long term health. Her doctor told her, “I’ll see you in a wheelchair within six years.” She refused to accept that option!

Shortly thereafter, she was introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson, Nikken Wellness Technologies, the Emotion Code and the Body Code, and that is where her journey and full concept of Wellness began.

Over the last 23 years she has not only regained her own health but she has been able to share with clients a way of getting their health back safely and effectively, by showing them how to simply integrate Wellness into their daily lives.

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Registration deadline: October 12

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