Change Is Coming Discussion Group:

Challenging Our Prejudices and Attitudes

Change Is Coming Discussion Group:  Challenging Our Prejudices and Attitudes

Facilitators: Shirley Nelson and Laura Imbornoni

Saturday, May 1 | 12 – 1:30 pm | Online Event | Donations appreciated

If you were with us on April 10th, you helped to create a space of open reflection and dialogue about the pandemic of racism.  Some may have walked away with a deeper understanding of our mutual struggle to survive in a world that seems intent on keeping us separate and divided even on the most basic levels.  Healing is revealed in stories that we share because it opens our hearts and touches the humanity of each other. If you weren't able to attend April 10, you're very welcome to come May 1. 

Change is coming and it’s up to you and me to activate the love that resides inside each and every one of us that shines the light on a brighter tomorrow.  Come sit at the table and contribute in the spirit of collaboration and compassion.  Your open conversation and curious mind may lead to creative outcomes that are beneficial to all. Together we can E-Racism.  

Please feel free to bring your lunch or a snack. There will be a brief Conscious Eating exercise to center us together, just before we continue the discussion. 

Change Is Coming: Challenging Our Prejudices and Attitudes

Facilitators: Shirley Nelson and Laura Imbornoni

Saturday, April 10 | 11 am – 12:30 pm | Online Event | Donations appreciated

For more than 400 years, our country has suffered due to racism and it continues to wreak havoc in the hearts and minds of the oppressed and the privileged.  At the root of this issue is fear caused by our conscious and unconscious biases towards "the other". 

In this heart-centered program, we invite all open hearts and minds as we seek to raise an awareness of our own prejudices and biases. We will begin with a guided meditation to create a safe space to share and discuss our experiences. Shirley Nelson and Laura Imbornoni will lead the discussion as we support each other in our understanding and self-awareness.

Shirley Nelson

For more than 30 years, Shirley has lived an engaged spiritual life through mindfulness and compassion as a speaker, facilitator, writer and a workshop and retreat leader.  

As a certified interspiritual companion counselor, Shirley offers individuals inner-essence serenity sessions to explore their spiritual journey with the intention to raise their consciousness and deepen their understanding of self and others.  

Shirley is currently a student at One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York, NY and in June 2021 she will be ordained as an interfaith/interspiritual minister.

Laura Imbornoni

Shadybrook Board Vice-Chair {2020-2022} 

Laura Christian Imbornoni, M.Ed., leads yoga classes, expressive movement workshops in the community.  She has a special interest in healthy lifestyle, and balancing personal life with work and other responsibilities.  

Laura is a Movement Therapy graduate, Yoga Therapy graduate, Holistic Health Educator, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Transpersonal Life Coach, and is certified in Integral Breath Therapy.

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