Alsie Clay

Teaching Artist | Kinetic Energy Worker | Board Member

Alsie Clay is a Kinetic Energy Worker and certified Teaching Artist. 

Her background includes the completion of a 3-year Postgraduate Training Program in Gestalt Methods, with a 1-year specialization in Working with Groups: Intensive Format, at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Alsie holds a Master of Arts in Psychology - Diversity Management Specialization, with professional certification through the NTL Institute for applied Behavioral Science, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as well as, certification as a Teaching Artist through Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.

Alsie has owned, "Artisan's Treasure, Studio of Exquisite Designs, Jewelry, and Healing Through the Creative Arts, Symposia," since 2010, at The Shore Cultural Centre, Euclid.  She creates multimedia artwork, conducts classes, and community level art experiences.

Alsie serves on the Shadybrook Board of Trustees.

Alsie's favorite artistic media include energetic watercolor, gemstone jewelry creation, clothing design, kinetic sand mandalas, and meaningful digital art pieces.

Alsie has been inspired by her years of experience, as a registered nurse, with a background in Gestalt and Diversity Management psychology, to assist people of all ability levels, to create their special art treasures.

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