Accessing The Grace in Transitions

Accessing The Grace in Transitions (3-week series)
Presenter: David Hansen
Wednesdays, February 22- March 8 | 6- 8 pm EST | Online
$65 members/ $75 non-members

Can't attend each week?  A recording will be available for all who register

Have you ever noticed the subtle shift that happens when you experience a major life change?  In our anxiety and excitement around change we are somehow more present and alive.  It may seem as if time slows and there is an expansive, magical sense of energy and possibility. 

What if you could notice the more mundane transitions which happen every day, and learn to access the magic in them? There is a fertile void in the space between every inhale and exhale. Opening yourself to the magic in every moment involves recognition of the dynamics of change, daily births and deaths, and acknowledging your ability to take in and let go.

Join us as we explore grace in all its forms and identify tools to expand self love and self-care to manifest outwardly our inner soul life.  Read more about The magic of grace and Exploring Transitions.

Week 1: Exploring Grace? Dynamics of Change. Navigating the Transition between Grief and Gratitude. Learning to Notice. Feeling our Way. Accessing Heart Wisdom. 

Week 2:  Life and Death Everyday.  Accessing Stillness and The Fertile Void of Creativity

Week 3:  Deepening Inner Awareness To Identify Life Purpose

About the Presenter: 

David Hansen is a Registered Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist, Intuitive, medical massotherapist,  and wellness educator.   For the past 37 years, he has taught self-help (touch and breath oriented) health practices, multiple forms of yoga, meditation, healing, intuitive development and body/mind/spirit practices from both eastern and western traditions.  As founder & director of SEVA Life Wellness Center, he brings intuitive vision and touch to the practical, healing and educational experience created in his clinical practice in pain management and body/subtle energy work.

Currently facilitating programs online and at his office in Willoughby, Ohio, and offering programs in collaboration with Lindsey Sadowski and Toadal Positivity, David formerly taught at Lakeland Community College, the Ohio College of Massotherapy and Kent State University and was co-founder and president of Alpha House Retreat Center.   For the past 35 years he has presented wellness programs locally and nationally to both lay and professional groups.  He has degrees in Environmental Biology, Chemistry, Zoology, Massage Therapy and multiple body and energy work certifications.  He is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist with the the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Asssociation of North America (BCTA/NA) and he has been medically licensed in Ohio since 1985.  

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