In Memoriam. Donna Tiroly

September 27, 1938- December 31, 2020

I met Donna Tiroly when she led a Luminous Mandalas for Healing program for Shadybrook. She was energetic and inspiring! The program was well received. Soon after, she led a weekend retreat. Of course she led a World Laughter Tour session, during one of our breaks, and a bit of T’ai Chi Chih. Donna became a respected and well-loved presenter.  She also participated in a number of Shadybrook programs and she fit in, right from the beginning. As a member, Donna was warm, vibrant, and fun. She developed a number of friendships within Shadybrook that lasted the rest of her life.

Donna had been a special education teacher, later working as a Director of Religious Education. She introduced meditation and guided imagery to children’s classes and adult programs. Later she was certified to teach Drawing the Light from Within, Luminous Symbols of Healing, Mandalas, Joy thru Movement®,  and Justin Stone’s T’ai Chi Chih. Donna said about her first experience of T’ai Chi Chih.” ….  I could feel the flow of energy in my hands, like my experience with Drawing the Light from Within.  I remember thinking “This is really powerful, even though I’m not fully doing the movements, I still feel the energy!” In 1999, I received my Accreditation and began teaching….”

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Twenty years later, Donna began a very successful class in T’ai Chi Chih at Shadybrook.  As the first continuing program offered in our new Mayfield Village facility, the class was very encouraging to us. She led the way.

The news of her passing is especially poignant at this time. The image of Donna laughing, vibrant, and engaged in life floats in our consciousness like a sweet cloud of comfort and inspiration. We wish her husband, Arthur Tiroly, her son Kevin Tiroly, her daughter Marissa Tiroly and Donna’s whole extended family comfort and healing at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

-Laura Christian Imbornoni 

 With Shadybrook Membership Committee members:  Nancy Herrick, Michelle Hudson, Sharon Vrettas

Here are some comments from friends:

We met Donna Tiroly through Shadybrook.  We’re not sure if it was at a Mandala Workshop or a regular meeting.  At any rate, a friendship developed over the years of attending Shadybrook evening  meetings and weekend retreats, then meeting for lunch or long phone conversations.   Donna was a kindred soul with her love of nature as well as her interest in spiritual and metaphysical inquiry.  We appreciated her wisdom, spirituality and kindness.  Thanks so much to Shadybrook for providing the opportunity to meet Donna Tiroly.  She has and will continue to inspire.

Carla and Linda Durnbaugh

Donna was a deeply spiritual compassionate woman who shared her many talents generously and graciously with others. I was blessed to have celebrated the winter solstice with her (on zoom) the Monday before she passed. She led the group in an inspiring meditation I will remember for a long time.

Barb Mallin

Donna Tiroly was an adventurer.  She was willing to go places spiritually, philosophically, and physically even when she went alone.  Donna would courageously venture into the current edges of thought and practice.

Long before it was considered fashionable, she was teaching T’ai Chi Chih, Mandala Creation, Heart Math, and working/serving in East Cleveland.

I was honored to travel with her to several workshops and to share many a “tea”. She inspired me with her resiliency, joyfulness, willingness to be open to new ideas, living life without regrets, and depth of spirit.

Forever youthful Donna,

Godspeed my friend!

Claudia Anders

What I will remember about Donna are the tools she used to be optimistic, even in adversity, and the balance she kept about caring for and caring about her family and friends, while pursuing her own gifts and talents, boldly finding ways to utilize them out in the world.  She was an inspiration to me!

Annette Fine

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