Online Meditation

with Mello Mitchell​​

Thursday Meditation

Instructor: Mello Mitchell

Thursdays |  7:30 pm ET (45-60 min.) | Online Event | $10 fee

Meditation is a powerful tool, but many of us struggle without a little guidance. At Shadybrook you can begin or deepen your meditation practice in a supportive on-line environment.

Sessions typically begin with a short discussion on a topic that is intended to re-frame life’s experiences to help free the mind from limitations and manage emotions. The topic is incorporated throughout the meditation to help remove limits and soften emotions. Meditations typically result in feeling lighter, more relaxed and having an enhanced perspective on life.

Meditations are instructed and guided and may include intention setting, breath work (pranayama), mindfulness, introspection, contemplation and incantations (mantra). These practices are meant to be integrated into your daily routine in order to maintain greater balance in life. The safe space that is created provides a welcoming environment for answering questions in support of your practice and journey.

Sessions are appropriate if you want to simply feel lighter and more relaxed or if you want to learn how to journey out of the daily stresses of life more consistently resulting in expanded awareness, deepened inner peace, improved health and spiritual growth.

About the Instructor:  Mello Mitchell

Mello experienced a spontaneous awakening and healing seventeen years ago which changed how I experienced life. This new perspective generated in an intense investigation to understand what had occurred and an exploration of practices and techniques in search of greater spiritual growth and well-being.

As a result, I can now see and appreciate life more fully. It is easy to see the beauty in everyone and every situation, the interplay of cause and effect and to see the world in a new light. I understand that we are all souls having a human experience and that we should use this opportunity to learn and grow from it. I now choose to use my gifts to assist others to look at life through a different lens and to find peace within.

Retired from corporate life, his passion is assisting others with emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing and maturity as they progress along their journey to inner peace, harmony and balance.

Mello has taught meditation at numerous locations in the Cleveland area as well as conducting guided imagery and breath sessions for patients at Fairview Hospital for pain and anxiety relief. He is a Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, a Yuen Method® Practitioner of healing and BodyTalk Access Technician who possesses a black belt in karate and has training in QiGong and Tai Chi.

A variety of practices, especially meditation, are attributed to making it possible for Mello to conduct business across the US and internationally for many years with less stress and anxiety, improved health, productivity, decision making and teamwork while inner peace continued to expand.

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