Finding Coherence in an Age of Chaos

with Sharon Vrettas

Monday, September 9

7:00-8:30 p.m. (ET)





We are living in a world that is continually requiring us to adjust to change. The way we do things today is different than how we did them yesterday and tomorrow it will be different again. How do we navigate a world that is in a state of flux? How do we manage the stress and frustration that is created by living in a world of constant change?


The answer is simpler than you might think. The tool you need is something you already possess –your mind.

In this program we will explore:


  • Why is the world changing so rapidly?
  • What is coherence?
  • What is the difference between incoherence and coherence?
  • How do we find the flow and go with it?
  • What simple habits of the mind can increase our coherence?
  • How do we shift our mindset from Duality to Unity?
  • How do we awaken to being the eye of the storm?


Increase your level of coherence and help maintain your equilibrium, your optimism, and your peace of mind!


Fee:        $25 (Non-Members)

                  $20 (Members)

About the Facilitator​

Sharon Vrettas

Reiki Master | Astrologer | Facilitator | Board Member


Sharon has had a life-long interest in metaphysics and healing.  This calling has inspired her to pursue study in many areas including Reiki, Astrology, Metaphysics, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and more.

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