Spiritual Experience and Brain Science:

Whole Brain Living  by Jill Bolte Taylor PhD.

Presenters:  Mike Reiling M.Ed. and Carol Williams M.A.
Saturday, September 17 | 9 am – 3 pm | Online event | $60 fee

Whole Brain Living by Jill Bolte Taylor explores left brain-right brain functioning as it relates to spiritual experience. Taylor, a neuroscientist studying brain anatomy, had a stroke in the late 90s that paralyzed the left side of her brain, leaving the right side of her brain functioning. Her experience in the right side of the brain as she slowly brought the left brain back, gave her powerful and deep insight into the right brain in spiritual experience. 

As a result of her studies, we can all learn to be in our right brain more and enrich our spirituality. In this workshop, through short presentations, journaling, and conversations we will study brain functioning and how we can enter more spiritual states of mind. 

The program will also include short breaks involving bodily moments through chair yoga, Tai Chi, and  breathing practices. Participants need a journal and something to write with.

About the Presenters:   Mike Reiling  M.Ed. and Carol Williams M.A.

Mike Reiling M. Ed is a retired high school theology teacher who regularly does programs where spirituality is grounded in science. Carol Williams M.A. is a long-time yoga teacher at River’s Edge who is a serious student of the relationship of brain science and yoga philosophy and practice.

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