Vibrational Energy II

Program Canceled

Diane Kopp  | Sunday, March 22  |  3:00 – 5:30 pm  |  $20 / $25​

This is a brief review and expansion of November's program, "Vibrational Energy I." We will go into further depth of Patti Conklin's healing methods using color and tone, the two highest and most active vibrations in the Universe.  Healing ourselves from our fears at the cellular level literally raises our vibrations.  By learning more about Patti and the extraordinary way she sees our bodies in relationship with our soul, immune system and disease will clarify the healing process our bodies undertake.  Since Patti's brain waves are 250 times faster than ours, her extraordinary sight and insight have been and are a gift to all who are blessed to know her.  I'm proud to carry on her teachings.  You will also receive a CD (different from November's program) and handouts to aid in your own healing journey.

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