The Fool’s Journey: An In Depth Course of How to Read Tarot Cards (7-week series)

Instructor: Elzi Fincun

Tuesdays, June 23 – August 4  |  6:30 - 8 pm  |  Online Event  | $35 Members/ $40 Non-members per class; or $265 for the 7-week series (saves $10 per class)

The Tarot is an excellent way of gaining a fresh perspective on your life, or on a specific situation. It can shed new light and help you to make more balanced, insightful decisions going into the future.

Regular use of a card divination system is recommended to enhance one’s intuition. Many different card divination systems are available; you may have heard of Tarot, Oracle, or even Lenormand. Tarot is a great system to start with, as it is the oldest and best-known card divination system.

This series provides a solid foundation for the beginner and is a great refresher for long-time readers.

Week 1: Introduction to Tarot: Tuesday, June 23 

Learn about the history of the Tarot, the difference between Tarot and Oracle, the structure and anatomy of the Tarot deck, the foundations and inner workings of a Tarot reading, and more.

The introductory class will be followed by 6 weeks of advanced classes that will break down the Tarot into manageable sections, allowing each category their own time and space, enabling you to learn in an unpressured, supportive atmosphere.

By advancing your knowledge and familiarity with the Tarot, your readings will become more natural, fluid, and clear.

Week 2: Suit of Wands: Tuesday, June 30

Week 3: Suit of Cups: Tuesday, July 7

Week 4: Suit of Swords: Tuesday, July 14

Week 5: Suit of Pentacles: Tuesday, July 21

Week 6: Major Arcana: Tuesday, July 28  Class canceled


Week 7: Spread Layouts, Placements, & Practice: Tuesday, August 4

Handouts will be emailed prior to each class so that you may follow along and take notes. Each class has a lecture-based structure with breaks for questions, comments, and discussion. After Week 7: Spread Layouts and Placements there will be an opportunity to schedule classes for ongoing discussion and learning support.

*Please consider classes to be a safe space for yourself and your classmates. The Tarot can bring up tough subjects that may be discussed during class to get more clarity of and extra practice in interpretation.

About the Instructor:  Elzi Fincun

Raised in the “sticks”, Elzi made friends with the woodland creatures, Forest Spirits lingering in peripheral view, and the monsters that lived in her childhood home radiators.

A mind for the rational, heart and soul for the spiritual and metaphysical. Elzi has been working with and consulting the Tarot since 2002, holds private Tarot consultations, and has led numerous Tarot classes and workshops in the Chagrin Valley area. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Miami University in 2012.

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