Shamanic Power Portals: 

The Sacred Art of Earth Spirit Circles

About the Presenter: 

Elizabeth Meacham, PhD, is a spiritual ecologist, author, teacher, and shamanic healer and coach. She founded the cross-disciplinary healing modality of shamanic ecotherapy in her book, Earth, Spirit, Dreaming: Shamanic Ecotherapy Practices (Findhorn Press/Inner Traditions, 2020). Learn more about Liz’s work and offerings at

Shamanic Power Portals: The Sacred Art of Earth Spirit Circles
Presenter: Elizabeth E. Meacham, Ph.D.
Thursday, February 3 | 7 – 9 pm | Online
Donations appreciated

Neolithic stone circles, Buddhist mandalas, Egyptian shen rings, Native American medicine shields, the ancient Bighorn Medicine Wheel: these examples capture just a small sampling of the divine gifts and symbology of sacred circles across human history and culture. Magic, awe, and wonder await us as we work with nature and spirit to co-create and cultivate our own sacred circles in the form of shamanic power portals.

In this workshop, Dr. Meacham will share her own experiences with power portals and some ways that her understanding has evolved about their importance as a source of healing and transformation, gateways to shamanic realities and experience (and why she calls them shamanic), as well as a medium to tap into ancient, ancestral wisdom and guidance. Together, we will work with personal nature and spirit allies to begin (or deepen) our work with shamanic power circles. We will work with sacred circles shamanically by attuning to the energetic fields of these circles as gateways to the spirit realms.

Please have with you 8 rocks of any size, a candle, a small bowl of water, and a space to create a small altar. Be prepared for guided energy meditations and shamanic journeying.

Visit her website to learn about her upcoming three-month course on shamanic power portals (in-person and online).

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