Create An Energetic Sand Mandala

Energetic Sand Mandala (sample)

Sample Transformational Image

(can be made into framable art prints)

Create An Energetic Sand Mandala
Instructor: Alsie Clay
Thursday, June 2 | 7 – 8:30 pm | In-person Event

$25 members/ $30 non-members

Alsie facilitates making meaningful sand mandalas, using kinetic methodology, by sprinkling brightly colored artist's sand onto a white surface, resulting in beautiful images.

Participants will begin by creating individual mandalas. Those can be photographed for use, to later create digital transformational images for framable art prints if the participant would like. The prints are available for purchase from the instructor (optional).

The group will then create a large sand mandala together for the shared experience.  The sand will be swept up and collected, as a reminder of impermanence, similar to Buddhist monks' practice.

Program price includes sand and art supplies.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their cameras and plan for fun!

About the Presenter: Alsie Clay

Alsie Clay is a clothing designer for VIDA, a certified Teaching Artist, and the owner of Artisans' Treasure, Studio of Exquisite Designs, Jewelry, and Healing Through the Creative Arts, Symposia, in Euclid, Ohio. She has been inspired by her years of experience, as a registered nurse, with a background in Gestalt and Diversity Management psychology, to assist people of all ability levels, to create their special art treasures. 

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