New Moon Transits Your Natal Chart

Elzi Fincun  |  Tuesday, June 16  |  6:30 – 8:30 pm  |  $38 / $42

Interact with your natal chart to better understand yourself and how coming astrological events can affect you as they transit through your natal houses.  A quick introduction to Houses will get the workshop started.  Participants will be given a House Reference Chart, their own natal chart, and the Astrological Chart for the New Moon in Cancer, occurring on Sunday, June 21st, which will be our transiting “planet” focus.  Students will be able to see what sign and house the moon was in when they were born as well as will take a quick look at Mercury Retrograde if time allows.  Students will need to share their birth date, time, and place for this workshop.  Birth time is required to have an accurate natal house chart.  Registration Deadline:  June 9th

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