Laughter Yoga

Registration deadline:  November 17

Laughter Yoga

Presenter: Christine Smith

Thursday, November 18 | 7 – 8 pm | In-person| $10 Member/ $12 Non-member

Laughter Yoga is a unique laughter-based program which has been proven to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Laughter Yoga does not include yoga postures, just laughing, deep breathing and a guided relaxation at the end of the session.  Laughter is generated by doing a variety of activities and laughing while we do them.

Even if someone doesn’t feel like laughing, they are encouraged to ‘fake it til they make it’.  The laughter quickly shifts to genuine laughter.  The program is interactive, lighthearted and fun!  It is appropriate for anyone at any age or fitness level.  

About the Presenter:   Christine Smith

Christine Smith is a Certified Laughter Leader, educator, speaker and energy worker.   She believes that when we ‘lighten up’, physically, mentally and emotionally, we flourish. 

Christine teaches personal growth classes, leads laughter programs and gives presentations to community and professional groups.  She also does energy work, helping individuals overcome limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns of behavior.

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