Karmic Eddies: Personal Vibrational Healing

Program Rescheduled 

Karmic Eddies: Personal Vibrational Healing

Facilitator: Elizabeth E. Meacham, Ph.D.

Date TBD | 7 – 9 pm ET | Donations appreciated

My spirit guides gifted me the concept of karmic eddies, a powerful metaphor for actively working with light in vibrational reality. My guides taught me that karmic eddies are certain places that we go with body-mind energy. Karmic eddies are places of important learning. We move our life force into holding patterns along the stream of our river of life to attend to hurts, complexities, sacred missions and growth opportunities. Often, even after completing the purpose of a karmic eddy, we return to them again and again, through memories, reflections, resentments, fears or repetitions of patterns and stories that form our identity. While karmic eddies have an important place in our development as souls, it is also important to learn to complete them and call the energy of these eddies back into the river of our lives. 

In this workshop, we will work consciously with our personal vibrational realities. I will lead the Karmic Eddy Mandala Drawing exercise, a central concept from my book, Earth Spirit Dreaming: Shamanic Ecotherapy Practices. Bring your curiosity, an open mind and heart, and some simple art supplies, including paper, pencil and pen, colored pencils, or markers. No art skills or experience with vibrational/energy work is necessary to enjoy and learn from this session!

About the Presenter: 

Elizabeth E. Meacham, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized environmental philosopher, spiritual ecologist, author, teacher, healer and musician. She is the founder and co-director of the Lake Erie Institute for Holistic Environmental Education. Her workshops and training programs offer initiatory experiences that reflect her long-term engagement as a student of the Earth and Cosmos. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio.  Learn more about her work at: ShamanicEcotherapy.com

Founder and Co-Director: www.LakeErieInstitute.org

Author, Teacher, Healer: www.ShamanicEcotherapy.com

Online community: www.patreon.com/web_of_light

Book: Earth Spirit Dreaming: Shamanic Ecotherapy Practices β€‹

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