Our Guest Instructors

Winter 2020 Guest Instructors

Susan Bond

     Susan Bond is a former teacher and educational consultant. Susan taught in public schools in Chardon and Painesville, Ohio, Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California. She spent 20 years working with educational publishing companies such as Houghton Mifflin and Scott Foresman training teachers in various educational methods. Since retirement from education Susan has pursued her interest in genealogy with an emphasis in writing family histories.

Ross Cessna

     To learn more about Ross and Spiritual Phoenix Studios please visit https://spiritualphoenixstudios.com/

Ramona Charles

​     Ramona holds a Masters Degree in Adult Health Nursing and was Board Certified in Geriatric Nursing for 15 years. She worked for 25 years in Nursing Administration and Healthcare and Leadership Education. She has advanced training and experience in group facilitation.  Since retirement she has pursued her interest in personal stories, nonfiction writing and memoirs.  

Paul DiFranco

     Paul practices and offers hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, and yoga. He assist individuals and groups to optimize their health, performance, and in some cases, make life-changing transformations. All three complementary practices share the ability to align the mind, body, and spirit towards a common purpose.
     Among his hypnosis training is the Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy technique from the Wellness Institute, which taught through the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine.
     Paul brings a wealth business experience to his complimentary practices. He is employed as career consultant in Cleveland area. He has worked in corporate, small business and University setting. MLHR, BA Psychology. More info at www.holisticpathwaysneo.com

Linda Durnbaugh

     Linda Durnbaugh's adventures with the outdoors - family camping from Cape Cod to Colorado, hiking the Appalachian Trail in Maine, canoeing in Canada, trekking in Nepal, watching sea turtles on a Malaysian Beach, and finding a story scene on the backside of a rock at the Mentor Headlands parking lot next to Lake Erie - have nurtured her continuing awareness of our connectedness to all of nature. She is offered programs that explore that relationship since 2000.

     She is grateful for the following humans for her understanding of the Medicine Wheel: Grandmother Mechi, Brant Secunda, Cynthia Gale, Libba HaLevy, and Jackie Lowe Stevenson, creator of the program "Wolf Creek: Medicine Woman Ways".

Patrick Gibbons

     Patrick Gibbons, Ph.D. has been a Spiritual Care Coordinator for Hospice of the Western Reserve for 15 years. He has presented workshops on spiritual issues at the end of life on local, regional and national levels. Previous to working for Hospice of the Western Reserve, Patrick taught at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike OH and Gannon University in Erie, PA.

Nancy Herrick

Nancy Herrick is a retired elementary school educator. Her 35 years of work with primary school students, their parents and colleagues enriched her awareness of the value of living a balanced life. Originally, trained and certified as a Usui/Tibetan and Karuna® Reiki Master, Nancy continued her training and is a certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher. Nancy is also certified as a Jikiden Reiki practitioner at the Shoden and Okuden levels. Nancy had been the director of the Reiki Clinic at Ursuline Academy from 2009 until its closing in 2018. She continues to attend to her own personal growth with studies that assist her with teaching others how to establish and maintain a personal state of well-being and how to bring about positive change for the planet. 

Maggie Kimble

     Hello, I am Maggie Kimble . I’m an LMT and earned my Ohio state License and my National License in massage in 2005. I started my own practice, Massages by Maggie LLC in the fall of 2005. I later went on to become a Reiki Master in March of 2009 and started incorporating Reiki into my practice.

     My interest in Aromatherapy started in 2008 when I took a 3-hour introductory class on essential oils and their use. I started using oils on clients and created a few blends that became popular with some of my clients. In November of 2016 I went back to take my 30-hour certification class.

     I have really enjoyed having this extra skill to offer help to my clients for all kinds of conditions. I love having a natural non-invasive solution for them to try. I also now have the training to teach the one-hour home classes so the art of Aromatherapy can become more widespread. I have also started teaching these one-hour classes in library’s and for groups and organizations. 

     In the summer of 2017 I choose a new name for the Reiki and Aromatherapy branches of the business and that is how Willow Reiki & Aromatherapy came into being. I look forward to many fulfilling years of teaching Reiki & Aromatherapy and of using these two wonderful modalities in my practice to help people find their ultimate state of health and wellbeing. 

Diane Kopp

     As an energy practitioner, Diane is guided by Spirit to incorporate and integrate several alternative modalities that are specifically geared to individual clients. Some of these include Reiki (Usui Reiki Master), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Patti Conklin’s Vibrational Medicine and Medical Intuition, SomaEnergetics (tuning forks), and Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Diane is a graduate of the Natural School of Metaphysics and completed Spiritual Insight Training at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York. Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, she is licensed in the State of Ohio to perform weddings and funerals.
     After college where Diane majored in Music Education and Composition and after a successful business career as president of an office services firm, she donned the mantel of her true nature and calling – energy healing, channeling, and teaching. Her love of the Divine, the Universe, the natural world and people propels her towards this enriching life of love, heart-centeredness and service.

Carin Miller - Education Specialist of Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District

     The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District is the leading resource in Cuyahoga County for information, expertise and programs that support sustainable materials management and reduce the environmental impact of waste. Our six staff members work to empower residents, communities and organizations to manage their waste responsibly by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. 
The District is governed by a Board of Directors and is advised by a Solid Waste Policy Committee which oversees the development and implementation of the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management Plan.

Robyn Payne-Houston

     Robyn “Radiant Robyn” (200 RYT- LVL 1 Reiki I practitioner) 

     "I started practicing yoga in 2015, as a way to cope and re-discover my spiritual practice during the time of my divorce. On my mat is where I found my “church.” I finished my 200 hrs YTT in 2019 at “Awake to my soul.” 

     Although I am drawn to many different varieties of yoga Vinyasa flow fits my style. I call myself “Radiant Robyn” because I try my best to always exude light and love to share with others. My intention for teaching yoga is to encourage and uplift others. Inspire them to love their bodies and their lives how and where they are in that moment. To show others that there is healing in yoga to simply lead by example. "

Donna Tiroly

     Donna Tiroly is a certified instructor and educator with more than 30 years of experience offering classes, programs, workshops and retreats.

Mike Wojciechowicz

     Completing training at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Mike had a 23 year acting career in college and community theaters, performed in comedy shows as well as at “open mics”, competed and won Toastmasters speach contests, had guest appearances on the Vivian L. Sharp presents “Potpouri ‘People”, a live radio show, and performs his very own one-hour, one-man show, “A  Hodgepodge and a Mishmosh of Miscellaneous Mirth and Merriment with a Modicum of Meaningful Messages”, a show with an emphasis on humor.​

Dee Wolk

     Former Fat-Person, author, speaker, coach and columnist, Dee Wolk, is a non-diet and emotional eating expert. Clients have included the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Lubrizol Corporation, Nestle, Eaton Corp. and Parker Hannifin to name a few. She hosted her own radio show, "The Best You Can Be," was a columnist for Health Sense for 9 years, has been a guest columnist for the women's section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and has been published in Smart Health. Dee has made over 70 guest appearances on radio as a non-diet expert since developing her program and has received numerous awards for her success in helping others. Dee is the author of "Kitchen Express: Good Food Fast, for Real People with Real Lives," which is available on Amazon.

Previous Guest Instructors

Rose Fantelli

Rose Marie Fantelli is a licensed professional clinical counselor in Ohio for over twenty years.  In 1998, her interest in energy healing led her to study with Gary Craig, the developer of EFT. In her practice, she integrates her intuition with influences from many other energy based protocols. She has studied  Reiki, EMDR, Energy Medicine, the Reconnection, Pythagorean Harmonic Healing, Mindfulness and many more methods to help clients discover,expand, integrate and direct their inner light toward living fuller and happier lives.  It’s why we are here!

Rose recently began to see clients in the Shadybrook offices.  Text her private cell phone and she will return your call to answer questions and to schedule appointments. 216-470-3505 or email rmfantelli@aol.com

Elzi Fincun

Born in 1989 and raised in the “sticks”, Elzi made friends with the woodland creatures, Forest Spirits lingering in peripheral view, and the monsters that lived in her childhood home radiators.

A mind for the rational, heart and soul for the spiritual and metaphysical. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Miami University in 2012. Elzi has been working with and consulting the Tarot since 2003, holds private Tarot consultations, and has led numerous Tarot classes and workshops in the Chagrin Valley area. www.elzitarot.com

Laura Christian Imbornoni 

Now engaged in a second career, Laura's special interests lie in laying foundations to thrive as individuals, while co-creating a sense of community. She advocates and promotes a commitment to civility. She is a professional level yoga instructor, an Integrative Yoga Therapist and a SomaSoul®: Somatic Expressive Movement Therapy graduate. She is certified to lead Shake Your Soul®: the Yoga of Dance and as a Holistic Health Educator by the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She is certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Transpersonal Life Coach by the Wellness Institute in Issaquah Washington. She is a masters level Integral Breath Therapist. Laura previously managed Mentor Senior Center for 31 years. 

Linda Kupiec

     Although Linda Kupiec had been religious all her life, in 2009, her journey with the spiritual dimension unexpectedly began.  As Linda was walking her dog one night, she was hit by a car and suffered not only physical injuries, but also a traumatic brain injury.  During her recovery, Linda began a spiritual journey in which she started to commune with God, communicate with those who had passed over, and connect with healing energy.  She has since moved from her professional business and teaching backgrounds to serve and share God’s dimension with others. Linda’s book – God Knocking on My Head - is available through Amazon. 

Donna Mazzola
Donna Mazzola is a passionate advocate for the potency of dreams and their ability to transform one’s waking experience. She began facilitating dream groups and working with individuals in 2009. Donna is a certified InterPlay leader, Natural Dreamwork practitioner, and member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. She holds a Master of Education degree and Master of Arts in Wisdom Studies. Donna is available for Natural Dreamwork sessions via Skype, phone, or in-person. Contact Donna at donnmazz@gmail.com.

Shirley Nelson

Shirley A. Nelson is certified as a Diakonal Minister through the Faith-Based Leadership Institute and the Center for Faith-Based Leadership and is certified as a life skills coach and workshop facilitator by the Empowerment Institute.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Capitol University and has written several books.  Shirley also writes for several online publications and is the founder of San’s Sacred Circle.

Rob Schwartz

     "For a very long time, and well before I wrote Your Soul's Plan, I had been searching, fruitlessly, for the deeper meaning of my life. In 2003, my search took a new and surprising turn when I decided to consult with a medium. Although I had a strong belief in God, I had never (as far as I knew) directly experienced the metaphysical. Although I did not realize it at the time, my session with the medium triggered a profound spiritual awakening for me. I would later understand that this awakening was really a remembering—a remembering of who I am as an eternal soul and, more specifically, what I had planned to do on Earth. 

     Working closely with several mediums and channels, I have now explored the pre-birth plans of many, many people. I have learned that the events in their lives are neither random nor arbitrary, but rather part of a wisely conceived and intricate plan—a plan they themselves bravely designed. I have learned, too, that souls often select very different challenges for similar reasons. You may therefore hear the motivations of your soul in the story of someone whose life is, at least on the surface, very different from your own. In Your Soul's Plan and Your Soul’s Gift I offer to you the life stories and pre-birth plans of twenty-two courageous souls. These stories speak, I believe, to our heartfelt, universal yearning to know . . . why?"      https://www.yoursoulsplan.com/

Dr. Param Srikantia

     Dr. Param Srikantia, a Professor in the School of Business at Baldwin Wallace University, is a former television host in India who is well acquainted with the art of energizing a live audience. Dr. Srikantia has recently embarked on public seminars based on non-traditional ways of unleashing human potential that have now grown to a contagious level of popularity reaching nearly 25K attendees. He was selected by an international training organization with a global outreach that feature "cutting edge" thinkers in management, to offer seminars to their membership base of Fortune 500 companies nationally. These ten public seminars embody an unusual form of education as they invoke very diverse methods and perspectives discovered across the world for tapping into the deepest reservoirs of human potential. He has authored over 35 scholarly papers in Management, Organizational Behavior, and Globalization that he has published or presented at conferences. He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, Human Resources and Organizational Psychology. 

Ledian & Mia Toska

     Ledian Toska has dedicated his life to the dissemination of useful knowledge in the fields of philosophy, comparative religion, metaphysical psychology, and linguistics. In his long career spanning more than 25 years, he has assisted many people around the world to an idealistic approach to the solution of human problems. Ledian serves as a Metaphysical psychologist, Esoteric Astrologer, Spiritual Adviser, and Medical Intuitive.

     Mia Toska has traveled the world speaking and connecting many back to the Angelic Kingdoms. She has communicated with the Angelic Realms from a young age and has devoted her life to the study of human patterns of behavior. Mia has dedicated a lifetime of service in hopes to awaken the hearts and souls of humanity. She is the Author of “Angels for Everyday Living” and the Angelic Diamond Light Codes and is the Founder of Diamond Light Angel Therapy. Mia is honored to serve as an Angelic Messenger, Ascension Coach, Energy Therapist and A Member of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Rev. Jenni Vinecourt

Rev. Jenni Vinecourt has had a lifetime interest in the metaphysical field. She received her formal training from the School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. It was through this organization that she was ordained in 1999 as a Spiritualist minister and healer after several years of study. She shares her love, healing and knowledge through lectures, circles, ministerial services and experiential workshops.

Sharon Vrettas

     Sharon Vrettas has had a life long interest in metaphysics and healing.  For over forty years she worked in Administrative Services and as the Human Resource Director for EDR Media.  She has also served on several non-for-profit boards.  She is an advocate of shared leadership and group process.  Sharon is currently a reiki therapist at Montefiore Nursing Home.