Our first Food For Thought:  Wine & Cheese Socrates Café Thought Exchange was a lovely event enjoyed by all!  

Led by facilitator Tiger K'Lynn and hosted by Sharon Vrettas, our first in-person event was a great success.  Twelve participated in our first event in a relaxed, casual atmosphere of exploration and shared engagement. Refreshments and snacks were enjoyed by all.

Each participant submitted a notecard with a topic they would like to discuss.  The topics chosen encouraged intellectually stimulating discussion, which allowed an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

One of the positive comments received for the event:

“I just wanted to say that I loved the Socrates Café, and I’ll definitely be back next month!”

If you weren’t able to attend, we would love to see you at our next group on July 9.  Bring a friend!

Click to register for our next meeting https://www.shadybrook.org/food-for-thought.html

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