A Three-Part Energy-Art Series

with Alsie Clay

Angels with Orange Wings by Alsie Clay

Creating Energetic Art with Color

Chakra Gemstone Jewelry Experience

with Alsie Clay

Saturday, September 23

12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In-Person Pop-Up at

Shore Cultural Centre, Euclid

In this experience you will:

  • Learn the basics about the 7 main chakras.
  • Experience the energy of color.
  • Connect energetically with the chakra gemstones that choose you.
  • Be guided through the creation of your own piece of gemstone chakra jewelry to take home!

Come learn the basics of your personal energetic rainbow - the 7 chakras!  In this fun and interactive experience, you will encounter a variety of crystal gemstones.  Selected for their familiar colors, these gemstones have been renowned by different cultures for balancing the chakra system and supporting energetic wellbeing.

Chakra Gemstones Provided

Connect with the vital vibrations of genuine gemstones.

The beads and other supplies are all included.

Feel free to bring any jewelry charms or beads that are important to you, to add for further personalization, if you so desire.

Be guided through the creation of your very own piece of chakra-balancing gemstone jewelry to take home with you.

Fee:    $75 (Non-Members)

$60 (Members)

Includes Personalized Piece of Quality Gemstone Jewelry

& Snack Break!

Creating Energetic Art with Color

The Energy of Art

An Artist's Journey

with Alsie Clay

Be sure to take this to get the most out of your “Energetic Sand Mandalas” Experience!

 by Alsie Clay

Wednesday, October 18

7:00-9:00 p.m. (ET)


Creating art is an energetic experience!

Join us as we delve into the energetic experiences of creating art through one artist’s journey. 

  • How can the energy we meditate with shape our art.
  • How can a group’s energy shape a community art piece?
  • What symbols can unfold as we create and interpret together?
  • What does kinetic energy have to do with this mystical creation process? 

If you plan on participating in our community art piece at the Energetic Sand Mandala Experience – or if you are just drawn to the energy of art – this experience is for you!

Fee: $25 (Non-Members)

           $20 (Members)


When you register for Energetic Sand Mandalas you will receive a coupon code
by email to sign up for this program for only $10!

Offer available until October 18.

Creating Energetic Art with Color

Energetic Sand Mandala Experience

The Chakra Rainbow

with Alsie Clay

Square Dancers by Alsie Clay

Saturday, November 11

12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In-Person Pop-Up at

Shore Cultural Centre, Euclid

Experience kinetic energy through sand!

  • Play with the familiar colors of the 7 main chakras
  • Create energetic sand mandalas
  • See what images are revealed in your art!

A unique energetic interpretation of traditional Buddhist sand mandala.

Alsie Clay facilitates creating sand mandalas, using kinetic energy work – the energy of motion!

What to Expect

Begin by creating an individual mandala.  Experience this unique technique of sprinkling brightly colored artist's sand onto a white surface.  Instead of creating intentional patterns, relax into the flow and let the kinetic energy create a beautiful image.

Next, join a a few others and create a small group energetic sand mandala.

Finally, join the full group as we create a large sand mandala together in a kinetic community art experience.

Discuss some of the images that have been revealed from this process!

As we close the circle, the sand will be swept up and collected, as a reminder of impermanence, similar to Buddhist monks’ practice.

But, not to worry!  The beautiful mandalas will be photographed.

After the workshop, each participant will receive a digital file developed in collaboration with AI and artist Alsie Clay – to save or print!

Fee:    $65 (Non-Member)

$52 (Member)

Includes Supplies, Personalized Digital Art File

& Snack Break!

Receive a coupon code ​by email to attend

The Energy of Art for only $10 when you

register for this program!

Offer available until October 18.

About the Facilitator

Copyright 2023 Ms. Alsie Clay

It's Me, Alsie! by Alsie Clay

Alsie Clay

Teaching Artist | Kinetic Energy Worker

Alsie Clay is a Kinetic Energy Worker and certified Teaching Artist. 

Her background includes the completion of a 3-year Postgraduate Training Program in Gestalt Methods, with a 1-year specialization in Working with Groups: Intensive Format, at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Alsie holds a Master of Arts in Psychology - Diversity Management Specialization, with professional certification through the NTL Institute for applied Behavioral Science, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as well as, certification as a Teaching Artist through Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.

Alsie has owned, "Artisan's Treasure, Studio of Exquisite Designs, Jewelry, and Healing Through the Creative Arts, Symposia," since 2010, at The Shore Cultural Centre, Euclid.  She creates multimedia artwork, conducts classes, and community level art experiences.

Alsie serves on the Shadybrook Board of Trustees.

Alsie's favorite artistic media include energetic watercolor, gemstone jewelry creation, clothing design, kinetic sand mandalas, and meaningful digital art pieces.

Alsie has been inspired by her years of experience, as a registered nurse, with a background in Gestalt and Diversity Management psychology, to assist people of all ability levels, to create their special art treasures.

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