The Power of The Drum:

Sound Meditative Healing Circle and

Private Sessions With Barbara Anne Tisi

The Power of The Drum: Sound Meditative Healing Circle

Presenter: Barbara Anne Tisi, Certified Sound Therapist

Friday, June 3 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm | In-person event

$25 members/ $30 non-members

Registration deadline:  June 1

Feeling like a little deep relaxation ... "sounds" wonderful?  Come experience your energies being bathed easily and gently, in a natural feeling way through sound/vibration as Barbara Anne intuitively drums on her 52" Octagonal Mother Earth Drum. 

Everything is vibration in our world and Mother Earth Drum plays a significant role in dissolving energy blockages within your mind, your body systems, your cells enabling you to release unwanted patterns in your life while all YOU have to do is be in allowance to receive! 

The Healing Circle will bring forth these vibrations to create transformative changes within your mind/body/emotions the same as when we add our conscious "attention" to our own personal "intentions"

Optional: If you wish to lay or sit on the floor, please bring your own mat or blanket.

Session Options

Prefer to have a private session with Barbara Anne? She will be at Shadybrook the day after the program for individual time as well!

Private Sessions with Barbara Anne Tisi

Saturday, June 4 | 9am – 4 pm | In-person event 

$45 for 30 minutes/ $65 for 45 minutes

Registration deadline:  June 1

You have your choice between sitting at Mother Earth Drum, as she can stand on her side, or you can lay underneath her on a comfortable mat... with a provided blanket, if you choose!  

Please register (on the left) for the individual session of your choice.  You will be contacted via email within 24 hours to schedule your preferred time on Saturday, June 4.

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