Thank you to Shirley Nelson and Laura Imbornoni for the wonderful program

Change Is Coming: Challenging Our Prejudices and Attitudes


Read the praise and gratitude from program participants on April 10:

"First of all, this program lived up to its promise of being a heart-centered program beginning with a wonderful meditation to establish a view and a listening center from within the heart. It supported the premise that "at the root of this issue is fear caused by our own conscious and unconscious biases towards 'the other.' Each presenter highlighted their own experience of conscious and unconscious biases of "the other" by sharing a personal experience. These poignant reflections have encouraged me to take a deeper look within my own understanding of biases and the nuances within which they hide. I really appreciated the program!"

"I greatly appreciated the presence and comments of the Black women who participated, and Shirley Nelson's videos and leadership were EXCELLENT!"

"A good feeling that there are some people out there who are/want to be allies to underserved communities. I was encouraged by the responses and dialogue and want to do my part to keep the conversation going."

We welcome all who are interested to attend a follow-up discussion group on July 24!

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