Chakra Development: The Main Functions of Chakras/Glands for Spiritual Development In the Physical World

*Program cancelled*

Facilitators: Candie & Ledian Toska

Tuesday, July 20  |  6:30 – 8 pm | $20 members / $25 non-members

Many of us have heard the word or term "Chakra" and have learned/understood the basic functions. It is an ongoing discussion topic that more and deeper truths need to be revealed. More and more in today's world our awareness is getting stronger, however, more people are living in disharmony and mental, emotional, and physical issues are increasing. How can we study the chakras from a different point of view in order to balance, heal, and understand the chakras? We will explore the mystical, hidden understandings of the chakras and glands to deepen our spiritual and soul Awakening.


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