Contemplative Buddhist Poetry:

Pathways To the Sacred

Contemplative Buddhist Poetry: Pathways To the Sacred

Instructor: Matt Gesicki

Saturday, April 24 | 1- 2:30 pm | Online Program

$25 registration fee

Presented in partnership with River's Edge.

For those drawn to the teachings of Buddhism, classical Chinese poetry from the T’ang dynasty—the “golden age” of poetry in China—opens a gate into the wisdom of the Buddha and other Zen mystics and masters.

Join us for a contemplative and experiential program that opens with a guided meditation for entering into a state of stillness and receptivity and unfolds to a mindful engagement via lectio divina with classical Chinese poems that embody Buddhist teachings on impermanence, interdependence, and inner peace.

”One breath taken completely;

one poem, fully written, fully read—

in such a moment, anything can happen.”

-Jane Hirshfield

Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry

Like chant and prayer, poetry provides us with a pathway to the sacred.

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April 23

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