Yoga: Ancient Wisdom, Current World Practice 

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Joyful Movement and Yoga Lite (4-week series)​

Laura Imbornoni | Mondays, April 20- May 11, 6:00-6:55 pm  | $35/$40

A four-week series that is fun, healthy, and soulful. Reclaim your human birthright to movement, rhythm, sound, and expression. Tools from the iconic movement pioneers, Anna Halprin and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, will be anchors of our practice. Expressive movement coordinated with a variety of classic, sacred, popular, and world music. Movement with an every-person approach with the intention of creating healing, joy, and community. Yoga relaxation ending each session.  ~ Come as you are from work or home for this program. Bring comfortable shoes.


Yoga – A Practical and Healthy Approach (4-week series)

Laura Imbornoni  |  Thursdays, April 23- May 14  |  3:30 – 4:45 pm  |  $35/$40

A four-week series with an emphasis on coordination of healing breath and movement, with warmups, cool downs, and deep relaxation. Mudras (energetic hand gestures) will be used as they complement postures. 

~ Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and cushion. There will be some extra equipment in place.

~ Wear comfortable stretchy or loose clothing.

~ Refrain from eating anything but a small snack two hours prior to classes. 

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