San's Sacred Circle

Hosted by Shirley Nelson

Sundays, 3:00-5:30 PM

Shadybrook Members: $20 per session
non-members: $25 per session


Sustaining Grace Series

Various topics will be covered with guest speakers.

Sep. 15, DREAM CIRCLE with Donna Mazzola

SoulDreams Circle  

Donna Mazzola, Natural Dreamwork Practitioner

Dreams draw upon our physicality and feelings to heal us. Your dream presences are unique, created for you and you only.The forms they assume are boundless, generous beyond reason. You may be thinking this is not true for you. You may not recognize them, may turn away or run away or judge them.That’s ok. That’s where you begin.

Your dreams will invite you to stay, to keep your heart open.

Your dreams will work on your soul’s behalf.

~Marian Enochs Gay ~

Natural Dreamwork Practitioner, New Orleans

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Oct. 20, BEING IN GRACE, MOVING FROM WITHIN with Laura Imbornoni

The world today offers so many opportunities, and so many challenges. How can we navigate today’s world in the most effective way? What sustains us, what brings us true joy? Body awareness is a way of going inside, coming to terms with challenges and discovering the treasures of joy and sustenance. The treasures we find can be expressed through movement and sound. We can explore energy through awareness in stillness and movement, moving by grace into our spiritual selves.  There will be stillness and quiet, as well as sound, music, and movement for all. Come as you are, perhaps bringing comfortable shoes.

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Nov. 17, VIBRATIONAL ENERGY II with Diane Kopp​​

Healing begins at the cellular level when we face our fear-based emotions.  Working with color and tone, the two highest and most active vibrations in the Universe, shakes the trauma from those fears right out of the cells. Facing and working with those fears literally raises our vibrations.  You will receive a CD and handouts guiding you through these methods. You’ll also learn vibration raising exercises including heart-brain coherence and open heart techniques. Choosing happiness and appreciating the natural world also raises vibrations.  You’ll receive handouts on happiness tips and quotes as well. And . . . always remember Dr. Masaru Emoto’s “LOVE AND GRATITUDE” mantra which raises the vibrations in water, which then affects everything on this planet. 

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