No Diet Weight Solution Workshop

When people are finished wasting their time and energy counting calories, points, carbs and fat grams, they come to Dee Wolk.

For over 35 years, Dee has been a trusted adviser to thousands of individuals who want to lose weight for the last time and sustain a healthier, thinner, and more energetic lifestyle.

Her mindful approach includes not only a road map to a new lifestyle, but also affirmations, tools and tips, and support from someone who has been where you are.

A career dieter herself, she learned to kick dieting to the curb!

Having lost more than 40 pounds more than 35 years ago herself (to this day, having kept it all off), Dee shares her own personal road map with you. When followed, that map guarantees sustained weight loss without deprivation or inconvenience.

It is simple and achievable when you have the right mentor.

In this two hour workshop, attendees will learn:

  • Three things diets never teach you (that are keeping you overweight)
  • The two different types of hunger (one of which is keeping you overweight)
  • How to become a ThinnerYou™ with the Mind Over Fatter™ approach

Shadybrook Members : $50

Non-Members: $60

No Diet Weight Solution - 6 week course

Being overweight has nothing to do with food, but everything to do with you. How you think about food and how you use food defines your relationship with food. 

The No Diet Weight Solution® program is a six-week class that takes a mindful eating approach to help you get to the cause of your excess weight and teaches you how to shift both your behavior and your mindset to help you change your relationship with food forever!

You not only lose weight consistently, but more importantly, you learn how to sustain that weight loss and kick dieting to the curb forever!

The program gives you the keys to a permanently healthier, thinner and happier lifestyle.

The result? A ThinnerYou™!

Shadybrook Members : $195 ($32.5/week)

Non-Members: $205 (roughly $34/week)

Dee Wolk

Former Fat-Person, author, speaker, coach and columnist, Dee Wolk, is a non-diet and emotional eating expert. Clients have included the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Lubrizol Corporation, Nestle, Eaton Corp. and Parker Hannifin to name a few. She hosted her own radio show, "The Best You Can Be," was a columnist for Health Sense for 9 years, has been a guest columnist for the women's section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and has been published in Smart Health. Dee has made over 70 guest appearances on radio as a non-diet expert since developing her program and has received numerous awards for her success in helping others. Dee is the author of "Kitchen Express: Good Food Fast, for Real People with Real Lives," which is available on Amazon.